Innovative and sustainable change

Consider a metropolis free from open waste containers, littered waste bins, and traffic congestion or pollution emanating from waste collection trucks.

Our revolutionary waste management solution is playing a pivotal part in molding and preserving intelligent and sustainable urban centers. We are at the forefront of creating smarter cities, enhancing quality of life, and securing an eco-friendly planet for generations to come.

Waste collection station, Sunshine Coast, Australia Photo: Hames Sharley

Our cutting-edge system makes recycling intelligent, sustainable, and cost-effective, facilitating a circular economy and a superior living environment.

We make the process of segregating diverse types of waste simple and pedagogical, eliminating the inconvenience of conventional sorting and motivating users to recycle more.

Our system collects all household waste at a centralized location, making it easier to maintain and more cost-effective than conventional methods.

Picture a city without open and overflowing waste containers, cluttered waste bins, or traffic congestion and pollution caused by waste collection vehicles. You’ve just visualized an Envac Smart City.

Envac's waste inlets, Barking Riverside, London, UK

Functional and aesthetic

Our system eradicates the unsightly presence of brimming waste containers and litter bins and replaces them with sleek and hygienic waste inlets.

The sealed, underground system eliminates foul odors and can be placed close to residential buildings, making littering a thing of the past. Our system reduces waste collection traffic and the noise, emissions and pollution associated with it by up to 90%, making city life greener, cleaner and more sustainable.

The Envac Automated Waste Collection System

Our innovative system boasts cutting-edge technology and a proven, uncomplicated concept.

It promotes cleaner and healthier urban environments and, by minimizing waste collection traffic, facilitates the development of greener and more sustainable cities.

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Healthcare Facilities

Our innovative system offers sanitary and sustainable solutions for both patients and healthcare workers. By utilizing separate pipes for soiled linen and waste, and strategically placed waste inlets, our system eliminates the need to transport laundry on trolleys or carts. This not only minimizes the spread of pathogens but also significantly reduces operational costs.



Our state-of-the-art waste collection system is designed to contribute to the development of smart and sustainable cities. With a focus on reducing emissions and providing clean, green, and sanitary waste inlets for both residents and commercial entities, our goal is to enhance the overall quality of life in urban areas.



…one city, one world, one planet at a time


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